Stranger Things: S2xE1
Twin Star Exorcists: S1xE43
Wheel of Fortune: S34xE103
Adventure Time: S8xE11
Adventure Time: S8xE12
Jeopardy!: S2017xE23
Steven Universe: S4xE13
Arrow: S5xE11
Dragons' Den (CA): S11xE13
Lucha Underground: S3xE22
The Goldbergs (2013): S4xE13
Criminal Minds: S12xE11
Law and Order - Special Victims Unit: S18xE11
Law and Order - Special Victims Unit: S18xE12
No Offence: S2xE5
Star: S1xE6
The 100: S4xE1
The Magicians (2015): S2xE2
Vikings: S4xE20
X Company: S3xE4
Code Black: S2xE15
SIX: S1xE3
The Carbonaro Effect: S3xE1
Workaholics: S7xE4
Man Seeking Woman: S3xE5
The Daily Show: S22xE58
Pokemon: S18xE13
Urban Myths: S1xE3
KonoSuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!!: S2xE4
Powerless: S1xE1
Wheel of Fortune: S34xE104
Adventure Time: S8xE13
Adventure Time: S8xE14
Jeopardy!: S2017xE24
Steven Universe: S4xE14
Grey's Anatomy: S13xE11
Hell's Kitchen (US): S16xE16
Supernatural: S12xE10
Superstore: S2xE12
The Big Bang Theory: S10xE14
30 for 30: S3xE19
Chicago Med: S2xE12
Death in Paradise: S6xE5
Fortitude: S2xE2
Riverdale: S1xE2
Scandal (2012): S6xE2
Unforgotten: S2xE5
Baskets: S2xE3
Chewing Gum: S2xE4
Colony: S2xE4
How to Get Away with Murder: S3xE11
Portlandia: S7xE5
The Blacklist: S4xE12
Training Day: S1xE1
Masamune-kun's Revenge: S1xE5
The Daily Show: S22xE59
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: S9xE5
The Grand Tour (2016): S1xE13
Not Going Out: S8xE3
Wheel of Fortune: S34xE105
Jeopardy!: S2017xE25
Grimm: S6xE5
MacGyver (2016): S1xE14
Rosewood: S2xE14
Sleepy Hollow: S4xE5
The Vampire Diaries: S8xE11
Dr. Ken: S2xE16
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: S2xE13
Emerald City: S1xE6
Gold Rush: S7xE17
Hawaii Five-0: S7xE15
Shark Tank: S8xE15
Stuck in the Middle: S2xE1
Blue Bloods: S7xE14
QI: S14xE15
Real Time with Bill Maher: S15xE3
Treehouse Masters: S7xE5
MasterChef Canada: S4xE1
The Voice (FR): S6xE2
Ransom: S1xE5
Power Rangers: S24xE3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): S4xE23
Super Sentai: S40xE48
Dragon Ball Super: S5xE1
Dragon Ball Super: S5xE7
One Piece: S18xE29
The Biggest Loser (DE): S9xE4
Heartland (2007) (CA): S10xE12
24 - Legacy: S1xE1
Call the Midwife: S6xE3
Homeland: S6xE4
Worst Cooks in America: S10xE6
Mercy Street: S2xE3
The Affair: S3xE10
The Royals (2015): S3xE9
Beyond: S1xE7
Undercover Boss (DE): S9xE4
Mayday: S16xE9
Wheel of Fortune: S34xE106
Jeopardy!: S2017xE26
We Bare Bears: S2xE23
24 - Legacy: S1xE2
Insider (2016): S1xE20
Murdoch Mysteries: S10xE13
Shadowhunters: S2xE6
Supergirl: S2xE11
Switched at Birth: S5xE6
2 Broke Girls: S6xE15
APB: S1xE1
The Halcyon: S1xE6
Pawn Stars: S2017xE10
Scorpion: S3xE15
Timeless (2016): S1xE14
The Daily Show: S22xE60
Bravest Warriors: S3xE4
Jeopardy!: S2017xE27
NCIS: S14xE14
New Girl: S6xE15
Switched at Birth: S5xE2
The Flash (2014): S3xE12
The Fosters (2013): S4xE12
The Wall (2016): S1xE8
The Mick: S1xE8
The Voice (BE): S6xE5
American Experience: S29xE6
Bones: S12xE6
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S2xE11
Inside The NFL: S40xE23
Schitt's Creek: S3xE5
This Is Us: S1xE14
Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots: S4xE6
Chicago Fire: S5xE12
Chopped: S32xE6
Tosh.0: S9xE1
The Daily Show: S22xE61
Twin Star Exorcists: S1xE44
Jeopardy!: S2017xE28
Arrow: S5xE12
Blindspot: S2xE13
Dragons' Den (CA): S11xE14
Lucha Underground: S3xE23
Criminal Minds: S12xE12
Modern Family: S8xE12
No Offence: S2xE6
Star: S1xE7
The 100: S4xE2
The Magicians (2015): S2xE3
X Company: S3xE5
SIX: S1xE4
The Expanse: S2xE1
Workaholics: S7xE5
Man Seeking Woman: S3xE6
The Daily Show: S22xE62
Pokemon: S18xE14
Urban Myths: S1xE4
KonoSuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!!: S2xE5
Powerless: S1xE2
Jeopardy!: S2017xE29
Grey's Anatomy: S13xE12
MasterChef Junior: S5xE1
Superstore: S2xE13
Chicago Med: S2xE13
Death in Paradise: S6xE6
Fortitude: S2xE3
Riverdale: S1xE3
Unforgotten: S2xE6
Vikings: S4xE21
Baskets: S2xE4
Chewing Gum: S2xE5
Colony: S2xE5
Impractical Jokers: S6xE1
Portlandia: S7xE6
Training Day: S1xE2
Masamune-kun's Revenge: S1xE6
The Daily Show: S22xE63
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: S9xE6
Not Going Out: S8xE4
Jeopardy!: S2017xE30
Grimm: S6xE6
MacGyver (2016): S1xE15
Rosewood: S2xE15
Emerald City: S1xE7
Gold Rush: S7xE18
Reign (2013): S4xE1
Stuck in the Middle: S2xE2
QI: S14xE16
Real Time with Bill Maher: S15xE4
The Voice (FR): S6xE3
Ein starkes Team: S1xE69
Taboo (2017): S1xE5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): S4xE24
Super Sentai: S41xE1
One Piece: S18xE30
Heartland (2007) (CA): S10xE13
Bob's Burgers: S7xE9
Call the Midwife: S6xE4
The Simpsons: S28xE14
Family Guy: S15xE12
Girls: S6xE1
Homeland: S6xE5
The Walking Dead: S7xE9
Worst Cooks in America: S10xE7
Mercy Street: S2xE4
The Royals (2015): S3xE10
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: S4xE1
Beyond: S1xE8
Undercover Boss (DE): S9xE5
Murdoch Mysteries: S10xE14
Shadowhunters: S2xE7
Supergirl: S2xE12
Switched at Birth: S5xE7
The Halcyon: S1xE7
Scorpion: S3xE16
Timeless (2016): S1xE15
NCIS: S14xE15
Switched at Birth: S5xE3
The Fosters (2013): S4xE13
The Voice (BE): S6xE6
American Experience: S29xE7
Bones: S12xE7
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S2xE12
You Me Her: S2xE1
The Mindy Project: S5xE8
Twin Star Exorcists: S1xE45
Arrow: S5xE13
Dragons' Den (CA): S11xE15
Lucha Underground: S3xE24
No Offence: S2xE7
Star: S1xE8
The 100: S4xE3
X Company: S3xE6
Chicago P.D: S4xE13
Doubt: S1xE1
SIX: S1xE5
The Expanse: S2xE2
Man Seeking Woman: S3xE7
KonoSuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!!: S2xE6
Powerless: S1xE3
MasterChef Junior: S5xE2
Chicago Med: S2xE14
Death in Paradise: S6xE7
Fortitude: S2xE4
Riverdale: S1xE4
Vikings: S4xE22
Chewing Gum: S2xE6
Colony: S2xE6
Portlandia: S7xE7
Masamune-kun's Revenge: S1xE7
Chef's Table: S3xE1
Chef's Table: S3xE2
Chef's Table: S3xE3
Chef's Table: S3xE4
Chef's Table: S3xE5
Chef's Table: S3xE6
Not Going Out: S8xE5
Grimm: S6xE7
MacGyver (2016): S1xE16
Emerald City: S1xE8
Gold Rush: S7xE19
Reign (2013): S4xE2
QI: S14xE17
Real Time with Bill Maher: S15xE5
Star Wars Rebels: S3xE15
Bellator Fighting Championships: S2016xE25
Vikings: S2147483647xE1
Taboo (2017): S1xE6
Crashing (2017): S1xE1
The Good Fight: S1xE1
The Good Fight: S1xE2
Super Sentai: S41xE2
One Piece: S18xE31
Call the Midwife: S6xE5
Big Little Lies: S1xE1
Homeland: S6xE6
When Calls the Heart: S4xE1
Worst Cooks in America: S10xE8
Billions: S2xE1
Elementary: S5xE14
Mercy Street: S2xE5
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: S4xE2
Beyond: S1xE9
Shadowhunters: S2xE8
Switched at Birth: S5xE8
Bates Motel: S5xE1
The Halcyon: S1xE8
Scorpion: S3xE17
Timeless (2016): S1xE16
Bravest Warriors: S3xE5
NCIS: S14xE16
Switched at Birth: S5xE4
The Fosters (2013): S4xE14
The Voice (BE): S6xE7
Bones: S12xE8
The Detour: S2xE1
Twin Star Exorcists: S1xE46
Arrow: S5xE14
Lucha Underground: S3xE25
Major Crimes: S5xE14
No Offence: S2xE8
Star: S1xE9
X Company: S3xE7
Chicago P.D: S4xE14
SIX: S1xE6
The Expanse: S2xE3
Man Seeking Woman: S3xE8
KonoSuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!!: S2xE7
Powerless: S1xE4
Chicago Med: S2xE15
Death in Paradise: S6xE8
Riverdale: S1xE5
Colony: S2xE7
The Blacklist - Redemption: S1xE1
Masamune-kun's Revenge: S1xE8
Not Going Out: S8xE6
House of Cards (US): S5xE1
Grimm: S6xE8
Emerald City: S1xE9
Reign (2013): S4xE3
QI: S14xE18
Real Time with Bill Maher: S15xE6
Star Wars Rebels: S3xE16
Vikings: S2147483647xE2
Taboo (2017): S1xE7
Crashing (2017): S1xE2
The Good Fight: S1xE3
Call the Midwife: S6xE6
Big Little Lies: S1xE2
Homeland: S6xE7
When Calls the Heart: S4xE2
When Calls the Heart: S4xE3
Worst Cooks in America: S10xE9
Billions: S2xE2
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: S4xE3
Beyond: S1xE10
When We Rise: S1xE1
Shadowhunters: S2xE9
Switched at Birth: S5xE9
The Voice: S12xE1
Bates Motel: S5xE2
Broadchurch: S3xE1
Taken (2017): S1xE1
Switched at Birth: S5xE5
The Fosters (2013): S4xE15
The Voice: S12xE2
The Voice (BE): S6xE8
Bones: S12xE9