Attack on Titan
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Attack on Titan
First Aired: April 6th, 2013
Status: Continuing
Network: NHK
Summary: Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by the Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by building a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the largest of Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over a hundred years, until one day, a Colossal Titan appears out of thin air and destroys part of the city wall. As teenage boy Eren Jaeger and his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman witness the destruction of their town and death of their mother at the hands of the Titans, Eren vows to kill every single Titan and take revenge for all of mankind.
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Last Aired Episode
To the Other Side of the Wall
Season 3 - Episode 22: To the Other Side of the Wall
Air Date: July 1st, 2019, 12:15 AM
Summary: Though it's met with hope and despair, the truth is made public. The Scouts then venture beyond the walls to see if it's everything they dreamed of.
Attack on Titan Images
Attack on Titan Images
Attack on Titan Images
Yuuki Kaji - Eren Jaeger
Yuuki Kaji
as Eren Jaeger
Yui Ishikawa - Mikasa Ackerman
Yui Ishikawa
as Mikasa Ackerman
Hiroshi Kamiya - Levi
Hiroshi Kamiya
as Levi
Shiori Mikami - Krista Lenz (S1, S2) / Historia Reiss (S3)
Shiori Mikami
as Krista Lenz (S1, S2) / Historia Reiss (S3)
Marina Inoue - Armen Arlert
Marina Inoue
as Armen Arlert