Ax Men
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Ax Men
First Aired: March 9th, 2008
Status: Ended
Genre: Reality
Air Time: Sunday, 09:00 PM
Network: History
Summary: The History Channel presents the first non-fiction show about the lives of the Pacific Northwest timber cutters and the dangers they face. From the same team responsible for Ice Road Truckers, this new series will take a look at the legacy of the pioneers who laid the foundations for future generations of loggers.
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Season 9
Shelby Strikes Back
Episode 1: Shelby Strikes Back
Air Date: November 22nd, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: Deep in the Louisiana Bayou, Shelby Stanga is back in action on a special mission. He is not so concerned with cashing in, as his client needs quality logs to build high end furniture to raise money for a local charity. Finding the perfect logs won't be easy and pushes Shelby deeper and deeper into the gator infested Louisiana Bayou wilderness. Shelby needs to use everything he has got to survive the swamp and even each other. Whenever you make a deal with the Swamp Man, you might just get more than what you were looking for.
Shelby Gets Schooled
Episode 2: Shelby Gets Schooled
Air Date: November 29th, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: After Shelby stumbles upon a rare historical artifact, he forms an alliance with Professor Sam Hyde of Southeastern Louisiana Univeristy. They realize they will be the perfect team to discover the lost history of the Swamp bringing together Professor Hyde's historical knowledge and Shelby's lifetime of experience in the bayou, scouring the deepest parts of the Swamp to hunt for lost treasures. From early Native American settlements to the Civil War Battles, the Louisiana Bayou has some key moments in history. It is now up to Shelby and Professor Hyde to uncover evidence and preserve the history of the Swamp for generations to come.
Life & Limb
Episode 3: Life & Limb
Air Date: December 6th, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: The Ax Men are back to take on North America's deadliest job. Without his father Craig, who suffered a career ending injury last season, Gabe Rygaard struggles to keep the family operation in business. Papac Alaska travels to a remote and mountainous island to tackle one of the biggest jobs in company history. Meanwhile, Greg Chapman is on a quest to find a lost logging train, but only if he can get enough money. The Swampman may be in over his head when he takes on an impossible job for a client that has deep pockets.
Sloppy Joe
Episode 4: Sloppy Joe
Air Date: December 13rd, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: The Rygaard crew fights Mother Nature as temperatures climb and a massive forest fire is burning just over the mountain. The Papac Crew is having a hard time with what should be the easiest site of the job and Joe is still feeling the effects after his injury. When Greg Chapman pulls an extremely rare double barrel log from the St. John's River, he may have just hit the jackpot. Relying on his trusty Swamp Buggy, the Swampman tries to win over a new client.
Family Tree
Episode 5: Family Tree
Air Date: December 20th, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: With a tough start of the season for Rygaard, Gabe is forced to let his son, Aidan, step up and fill the family shoes. The Papac crew has issues of their own with an overcrowded landing where one wrong move could wipe out the Papac crew down below. In Florida, after hitting the jackpot from a double barrel log, Greg Chapman has enough cash to continue his quest in finding the Lost Log Train. Shelby Stanga is fighting his deadline to fulfill the sixteen thousand board foot order he made with his new client.
Madman of the Mountain
Episode 6: Madman of the Mountain
Air Date: December 27th, 2015, 09:00 PM
Summary: Production is ramping up with the newest generation of Rygaard on the job, however the day may take a turn for the worse with an ominous blood red sun in the sky. David Zitterkopf and his son Levi take on their biggest job yet, but with David's health scare last year, will he be able to still remain the self proclaimed alpha predator? In Alaska, Papac's new unit called "The Longest Yard" will put their crew and equipment to the ultimate test as they plan to string a mile of skyline across the mountainside. Back in Louisiana, the Swampman is on a hot streak after he delivered a sixteen thousand board foot order, but today he must finish a big job for a pint sized client. Still searching for the Legendary Lost Log Train, Greg Chapman has found two more sites to search on the St. Johns River.
Root Canal
Episode 7: Root Canal
Air Date: January 3rd, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: When Craig Rygaard comes to the logging site for a surprise visit, the crew gets on their game. The Zitterkopfs face a major challenge to complete their biggest job ever and are forced to get to the root of the problem to keep the wood moving. Papac continues to battle the "Longest Yard" unit, which has a mile long sky line. Greg Chapman finds an unexpected treasure in his quest to find the Lost Log Train.
Rygaard's Revenge
Episode 8: Rygaard's Revenge
Air Date: January 10th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, Rygaard Logging is fighting to get back on track with Craig Rygaard lending a hand and some of the crew are unhappy with Craig's its my way or the highway attitude. Down in the Bayou, Shelby is rushing to build a treetop storm shelter to protect his logging camp from rising floodwaters. In Wyoming, David Zitterkopf's Son Levi is taught a crucial lesson in logging, that one wrong move could end it all. On the Mississippi Delta, two long time bayou boys, Gary Champagne and Eddie Fraisher, have given up their fishing days in order to try their luck at at hauling in the green gold.
Log Eat Log
Episode 9: Log Eat Log
Air Date: January 17th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: Gabe Rygaard pushes his crew to the breaking point. In Mississippi, Delta Gary and Eddie blow up their business to cash in on the green gold. Shelby Stanga has a bit of fun and plays demolition derby to help keep the community safe. Down in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf could see his family empire fall to pieces with one wrong step. Greg Chapman has a mutiny underway among his crew.
Every Log Has Its Day
Episode 10: Every Log Has Its Day
Air Date: January 24th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: Papac Alaska pushes deeper into their seven thousand acre site, while Joe and Coasty head out into the wilderness to think up a plan of attack for the next section of their massive project. Down in Washington, Aidan is slowly filling his family's cork boots which is causing the wood to get out more slowly. Rygaard Logging may be on its last legs. On the Mississippi Delta, Gary and Eddie need to pick up the pace before their venture goes belly under. Greg Chapman is forced to go back to his roots, because of a mutiny on his crew and has to pull some logs to keep his company alive, but he may have lost his touch. The Swampman gets a huge log order just in the nick of time.
Getting a Leg Up
Episode 11: Getting a Leg Up
Air Date: January 31st, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: The Papac Crew is moving on to the most remote and dangerous site of their season. On the St. Johns River, Greg Chapman is losing money and desperately need to score big to get back into the black. Down on the Mississippi Delta, Gary and Eddie's new venture is becoming a nightmare. In the Bayou, Shelby is under the gun to fill his hundred thousand board foot order, but time is running out for the Swampman.
Take This Log and Shove It
Episode 12: Take This Log and Shove It
Air Date: February 14th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: Mike Papac is forced to step in as Joe and Coatsey's arguments threaten to bring the job to a halt. At Rygaard Logging, Gabe gives his son Aidan a baptism of fire in the rigging, which pushes him over the edge and raises doubts about his future in the family business. Down in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf is back to work after an injury that almost ended his season, but he pushes his body to the limit again to get back into the game. In Florida, Greg Chapman is back to logging and desperately needs to make some money, but a huge storm may have other plans for them.
Reunited and It Feels Like Wood
Episode 13: Reunited and It Feels Like Wood
Air Date: February 21st, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: Hoping to fill a massive order, Shelby is racing against mother nature with a storm threatening his chances of filling the order. In Washington, Gabe deals with the aftermath of Aiden's mutiny on the job last week, which puts the burden of finishing the job on the already shorthanded crew. The Chapman crew is behind the game after they spent too much money looking for the Lost Logging Train, but a grizzly discovery could put things in perspective. Down in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf is limping to the finish line, so he is forced to call his brother for reinforcements. On the Mississippi Delta, Gary and Eddie might be late to the logging game, but they're getting to know the pressures of making money from the swamp.
Back in Black
Episode 14: Back in Black
Air Date: February 28th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: With only two weeks remaining in the season, the Ax Men are sprinting to the finish line. The Rygaards are back in full force with all three generations of loggers on the site, fighting to regain the King of the Mountain crown. Papac Alaska is moving on to their final section, dubbed "The Mother Lode", but will this be the ultimate test for the worn out crew? Down in Louisiana, Gary and Eddie are about to see if their gamble to try swamp logging has paid off. Just across the swamp, Shelby is trying to finish his hundred thousand board foot order, but only has a few hours left. He must call in reinforcements to come up with his plan of attack. Meanwhile, David Zitterkopf must come up with a unique plan to hit the bullseye and finish his job. Down in Florida, Greg Chapman is not ready to call it a day and is back on the hunt for the Lost Logging Train.
All Hail The King
Episode 15: All Hail The King
Air Date: March 6th, 2016, 09:00 PM
Summary: The battle for King of the Mountain all comes down to this. In Alaska, Papac Logging is barely holding on to their lead. With the skyline down, their chances of keeping King of the Mountain are fading fast. On the Rygaard logging site, it's going to take all three generations of Rygaards working as a team to have any chance at reclaiming the title, but the only question is can they set their differences aside? Shelby is under the gun to deliver his order on time, but he has a secret map to a possible stash of sunken logs that may be worth his time. Greg Chapman is doubling down with extra boats and men to retrieve what he hopes is a haul of legendary proportions. Down in the Mississippi Delta, after last week's disappointing visit to the mill, Gary and Eddie have one more day to save their company from sinking to the bottom of the swamp.