Stargate - Infinity
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Stargate - Infinity
First Aired: September 1st, 2002
Status: Ended
Network: FOX (US)
Summary: The animated action/adventure Stargate Infinity continues the saga of the men and women of Stargate Command as they travel the universe using the extraordinary powers of the mysterious Stargate portals. Stargate Infinity is the story of veteran Stargate explorer Major Gus Bonner and a group of young Air Force Academy cadets. Wrongly accused of treason, they must flee across the universe, pursued by a ferocious new alien enemy, the Tlak'khan - mercenaries working for the Nax'kan Council. The team must find a way to clear Gus' name and to protect the mysterious Draga - a strange alien being who may be the key to unlocking the ultimate secrets of the Stargate and of the Ancients who built them. Aired as education TV, most episodes come complete with a nifty kids' message!
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The Long Haul
Season 1 - Episode 26: The Long Haul
Air Date: March 24th, 2003, 12:00 AM
Summary: After being chased by creatures and visiting an ice planet, the team begins to wonder if they are on a pointless quest. Draga opens a gate to ""where they wish to go"" and they end up on Earth in the Yucatan, where a local professor working for a Horace Van Gelder reveals she discovered the new gate. The shapeshifter Nephestus, disguised as Grimes, is working with Van Gelder and gets word the team is present when they contact Stargate Command. Disguised as Stoneman, Nephestus welcomes them and claims he'll help them clear their names, then summons Da'kyll and his Tlak'khan. Draga suspects something as Stoneman sends the cadets into Cancun – in fact it's an ambush but they turn around and return. Gus and Draga catch on and make their escape while the others return in just in time to rescue them. The team is forced to escape through the Gate and go on the run once more before they can clear their names, and the Tlak'khan and Nephestus depart with Van Gelder as Nephestus takes his place to
Stargate - Infinity Images
Stargate - Infinity Images
Dale Wilson - Major Gus Bonner
Dale Wilson
as Major Gus Bonner
Tifanie Christun - Stacey Bonner
Tifanie Christun
as Stacey Bonner
Bettina Busch - Seattle Montoya
Bettina Busch
as Seattle Montoya
Cusse Mankuma - Ec'co
Cusse Mankuma
as Ec'co
Jim Byrnes - Misc. Voices
Jim Byrnes
as Misc. Voices