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First Aired: September 20th, 2002
Status: Ended
Network: FOX
Summary: In the far-distant future, Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds is a renegade former brown-coat sergeant, now turned smuggler & rogue, who is the commander of a small spacecraft, with a loyal hand-picked crew made up of the first mate, Zoe Warren; the pilot Hoban "Wash" Washburn; the gung-ho grunt Jayne Cobb; the engineer Kaylee Frye; the fugitives Dr. Simon Tam and his psychic sister River. Together, they travel the far reaches of space in search of food, money, and anything to live on.
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The Message
Season 1 - Episode 14: The Message
Air Date: July 28th, 2003, 12:00 AM
Summary: An old war comrade of Mal's and Zoe's, Tracey, mails his corpse to them. He also leaves a message asking them to deliver his body to his family. Some men claiming to be with the Alliance is on the trail of the body and catch up to them demanding the body. The crew can't find anything on Tracey's corpse, but as they prepare to cut it open, Tracey comes back to life. He explains he is smuggling super-organs in his own body. They flee to the planet with the men in hot pursuit and eventually/supposedly agree to give up Tracey. Tracey gets wind of the plan and makes a break for it with Kaylee as a hostage, they shoot him down and Mal reveals they were going to send the officer off since he's out of his jurisdiction and on a personal mission with no authority. Then Tracey dies and they deliver his body for real this time.
Firefly Images
Firefly Images
Firefly Images
Alan Tudyk - Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
Alan Tudyk
as Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
Nathan Fillion - Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds
Nathan Fillion
as Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds
Gina Torres - Zoë Washburne
Gina Torres
as Zoë Washburne
Morena Baccarin - Inara Serra
Morena Baccarin
as Inara Serra
Adam Baldwin - Jayne Cobb
Adam Baldwin
as Jayne Cobb