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Supernanny (US)
First Aired: January 17th, 2005
Status: Ended
Genre: Reality
Air Time: Wednesday, 08:00 PM
Network: ABC (US)
Summary: "Every mum needs her Supernanny; ...surprisingly compulsive viewing. ...Frost's ideas certainly seem to be having an impact on the way people deal with their children." - The Sunday Times Television's newest superhero can tame the wildest toddler, soothe the savage six-year-old and get the most difficult child to overcome problems with behavior, sleep, mealtime, potty training and other challenges that have vexed parents around the world for centuries. This miracle worker is Jo Frost, a.k.a. Supernanny, Britain's hottest new TV star and godsend to desperate parents across the U.K. who were dazzled by her amazing results when her series debuted this summer, as she showed families the tools for transforming their children's wild ways. Her practical, no-nonsense style was honed over 15 years of nannying in the U.K. and the U.S. Now American families can tap into the secrets of this modern-day Mary Poppins in "Supernanny" on ABC. In each episode of "Supernanny," Jo observes how
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Season 7
Episode 1: Atkinson Family
Air Date: November 5th, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo tries to help a married couple in Illinois with five children, including an openly defiant teen and a 4-year-old with separation anxiety.
Episode 2: Peterfreund Family
Air Date: November 12nd, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Peterfreund family in Chandler, Arizona. Keith and Sonya have four young sons - Jett who is 5, Gage who is 3, Trey who is 2, and baby Myles who is a newborn. Keith and Sonya need Jo's help, and describes Jett, Gage, and Trey as a threat to baby Myles. The older three are such a handful for Sonya, she often gets distracted from looking after Myles. Keith and Sonya claim they need Jo's help before it's too late.
Episode 3: Swift Family
Air Date: November 19th, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo is amazed that a Sacramento couple with five children---ages 9 months to 11 years---get help from a nanny and a maternal grandmother and still can't control their kids' behavior, which includes playing around a swimming pool with no fence and riding bikes without helmets.
Episode 4: Young Family
Air Date: December 3rd, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the family who live on a secluded island off Seattle. Ricki and Jenye have three sons. The family has moved 4 times in a year due to Ricki's job and are moving again soon. The older boys run wild in and outside the house, and the parents allow them to play with machetes and hatchets, which are considered dangerous.
Episode 5: Van Acker Family
Air Date: December 10th, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Van Acker family from Oak View, California. Jessica and Kevin have 2 children - 6-year-old Emma and 3-year-old Dylan. Dylan runs the house with his tantrums and disrespect towards his parents. He refuses to be potty-trained and is anemic and underweight due to his refusal to eat. Can Jo help the Van Ackers instill discipline in their house?
Episode 6: Fernandez Family
Air Date: December 17th, 2010, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Fernandez family from Kissimmee, Florida. Jerald [31] and Marla [29] have 3 children - 12-year-old Desiree, 5-year-old Elias, and 3-year-old Eulisis (or "Shorty" which is his nickname). Marla is exhausted from trying to do everything on her own while Jerald is frustruated and usually unwilling to help out.Desiree is starting to develop an attitude and doing poorly in school while Elias and Eulisis misbehave by kicking, screaming, & crying to get their own way. Even a simple trip to the store turns into a disaster and the parents' relationship is starting to fall apart. Marla gives empty threats, and vents all of her frustration on her children, especially Desiree, which is straining their relationship. Can Jo help this family?
Episode 7: George Family
Air Date: January 7th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the George family from San Antonio, Texas. Joey-Lynn, Glenn and their five daughters - 20-year-old College Student Samantha , 17-year-old Brooke , 10-year-old Savannah , 6-year-old Hailey , and 1 and a half-year-old, Haidyn . They also have a 2-year-old granddaughter, Krissy , who is Samantha's daughter. Joey-Lynn had Samantha when she was a teenager and both parents feel as if they've failed since Samantha had a promising future that changed when she became a teenage mom. Samantha and Brooke hate each other and curse at one another in front of their younger sisters, who act out by defying their parents and being aggressive with each other. Joey-Lynn lets Glenn handle the discipline, but all Glenn does is yell at them and doesn't follow through with the discipline. Can Jo help the George family?
Episode 8: Miller Family
Air Date: January 14th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Miller family from Phoenix, Arizona. Meshell and David have 6 children - 13-year-old Kesley, 12-year-old Kendall, 10-year-old Meryn, 7-year-old Landon, 5-year-old Ainsley, and 3-year-old Avarie. The older kids back-talk, fight, and leave their clothes in a heap. Little Avarie refuses to give up her bottle while Kesley, who is considered responsible to watch her siblings, isn't allowed to go to an afternoon movie with friends. Meshell has a hard time telling her children no while David tries to enforce structure and respect in the house, but is so exhausted from long days at work and often shows his temper without using clear boundaries and consequences. Jo looks at the chore board on the wall which is completely blank. Can Jo help the Miller family?
Episode 9: Colombo Family
Air Date: January 21st, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Colombo family from Melbourne, Florida. Danielle and Joe have 3 children - 4-year-old Carlo, 3-year-old JJ, and 1-year-old Julia. Joe works long hours leaving Danielle is a stay-at-home mom. JJ hits, slaps, pinches, kicks, and yells while Carlo is a picky eater with a loud scream that (as Danielle describes), "takes your breath away." Even though Danielle was a teaching instructor before becoming a parent, she doesn't enforce the house rules and has lost sight of her personal dreams. Even though Danielle is estastic when Jo first comes, the two butt heads when it comes to a naptime issue. Can Jo help the Colombo family out?
Episode 10: Potter Family
Air Date: February 4th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Potter family. Joy and Chris have four children - Noah is 10, Ryan is 7, Jake is 5, and Alexa is 4 (Alexa is the only girl in the Potter family). Day after day both parents are constantly disrespected by their children and try to run their household with different styles. Joy's parenting style is passive and the kids walk all over her. On the other hand, father Chris is very extreme. Chris's temper is out of control, he constnatly yells at and scares his children and its straining his relationship with his kids, especially Noah. Noah has a strained relationship with his father, who berates him as a brat when he's angry. Chris feels that Joy is undermining him by challenging his parenting style, which how his own mother didn't do with his father when he was growing up. Jo observes that Joy isn't consistent with discipline and that Chris could break Noah's spirit if things don't change. Joy tells Jo sadly that her marriage is at risk if she and Chris don't get on the same page. Can Jo knock some sense into Chris and rescue his marriage from the brink before he ruins his relationships for good?
Episode 11: Merrill Family
Air Date: February 18th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Merrill family at Camp Pendelton. While husband and marine, Chris is stationed overseas for a year in Afghanistan, wife Beckie is left alone with their 4 adopted children - 4-year-old cousins Garrett and Elena (who are biological cousins who were adopted from Guatemala) and siblings 6-year-old Eddie & 4-year-old Lydia (who are biological brother and sister who were adopted from Ghana). Eddie & Lydia were adopted 3 months ago and are struggling with learning English and have a great fear of the dark since back in Ghana, there was violence at nighttime in their community. The kids run outside when they feel like it and ignore their mother while bedtime & mealtimes are a disaster. Beckie struggles with discipline and feels so exhausted, outnumbered, & at her limit along with being alone while her husband is away. Can Jo help Beckie out and help the kids get in bed?
Episode 12: Demott Family
Air Date: February 25th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo finds triple the trouble in the DeMott family in Bayville, New Jersey. Ted and Nancy have four children - Timmy is 11 and 4-year-old triplets - Teddy, Milo, and Giada. The triplets annoy their older brother, destroy things, and even run out of their house unsupervised. The parents think that time-outs for the triplets don't work, so Nancy's form of discipline is locking the triplets in their room when they misbehave while Ted surrenders. Nancy is home with the kids full-time while Ted is at work at his job as a police officer. Ted is under a lot of stress and drinks alcohol to make himself feel better. When Ted comes home from work, he's in charge of the kids while Nancy goes to work herself. Timmy and Ted's relationship has deteriorated since the triplets were born. Can Jo tame this trio of tiny offenders and get Ted back on the straight and narrow or will Jo have to lay down the law?
Episode 13: Froebrich Family
Air Date: March 4th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Froebrich family in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Beverly and Erich have five children - Emily is 11, Emmett is 9, Emma Jo is 7, Emerson is 4, and Ember is 1½. The kids fight constantly, hit, pinch, and do any kind of bodily harm. Homework and studying for tests is a disaster and it brings 9-year-old Emmett to tears. Beverly's mother, Barbara, lives with the family since her husband, Victor, passed away and considers Beverly to be a control freak, and the stress of Beverly's father's death has gotten worse. Beverly doesn't discipline the kids, but Erich uses a wooden spoon, the belt, and his bare hand to spank the kids along with pulling their ears and putting hot sauce on their tongues, and neither of the parents' discipline works at all. Can Jo get this family to drop the facade and convince Beverly and Erich that there is another way before it's too late?
Episode 14: Federico Family
Air Date: March 11st, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Jo visits the Federico family. Sylvia and Michael have 3 boys - 5-year-old Dominic, 3-year-old Michael, and 2-year- old Vincent. Sylvia admits that she wants to be the fun mother rather than a disciplinarian. The parents bribe their sons with junk food to get them to behave and Sylvia brings a backpack filled with sugary snacks when she takes the boys out in public to use for bribes if they complain or misbehave in any way. The boys sneak snacks all day long and the parents baby their kids, especially Dominic. They push Dominic in the stroller (instead of Vincent), brush his teeth for him, and pick out his clothes. When Sylvia tries to follow through on Jo's instructions for a time out, she calls it torture and ignores discipline. Can Jo get Sylvia & Michael to stop babying their children and step up to the discipline?
Episode 15: Evans Family
Air Date: March 18th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Summary: Because her own mother passed away from cancer, Supernanny Jo Frost can certainly sympathize with the Evans family children who lost their mother due to the disease. The father of the three young boys is doing his best to parent them on his own and as their mother would have wanted, but the whole family finds its situation overwhelming. Can Jo help this family settle into its new shape?