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First Aired: November 17th, 2008
Status: Ended
Network: truTV
Summary: Operation Repo is an American television program that depicts the world of car repossession with a team that portrays fictionalized tales of repossessions from California's San Fernando Valley. Similar to another truTV show, Southern Fried Stings, the series is filmed in a cinema verité style but consists of scripted and dramatized performances by actors. The show is filmed by recreating scenes in which the cast conducts repossessions of automobiles for finance companies. In the show they also perform repossessions of other exotic and strange items such as luxury boats, planes, limousines, motorcycles, ATVs, Zambonis, ice cream trucks, tow trucks, buses, trucks, expensive bicycles, hot air balloons, wood chippers, forklifts, and tanning beds.
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Season 11
Episode 1: Lou's Big Gamble
Air Date: March 27th, 2013
Summary: Lou sets up shop in Las Vegas; a live tiger stands between the team and a truck.
Episode 2: All In
Air Date: April 3rd, 2013
Summary: Froy brings unwanted trouble to the office; Ronnie and Froy run into an unexpected dilemma; Carlos and Sonia repossess a car from a lottery winner.
Episode 3: Viva Las Vegas!
Air Date: April 10th, 2013
Summary: An Elvis impersonator gets Matt and Ronnie all shook up; a ventriloquist's dummy has a nasty attitude that gets on Sonia's bad side; when Froy goes missing, Lou has to pick up the slack in a repo that goes terribly wrong.
Episode 4: Go Big or Go Home
Air Date: April 17th, 2013
Summary: Matt loses his temper on a dominatrix and her client; Ronnie and Carlos interrupt a couple in the middle of their less-than-holy matrimony.
Episode 5: Bouquets and Blowtorches
Air Date: April 24th, 2013
Summary: There's trouble brewing within the crew's ranks. Ronnie and Carlos repo from a self-defense instructor; Lou and Carlos are left defenseless against gang members with blowtorches.
Episode 6: Doomsday Prep
Air Date: May 15th, 2013
Summary: Lou shares his secrets with Sonia in private. Froy and Carlos cause trouble when a disgruntled employee goes berserk on his boss.
Episode 7: Sugardaddy Shakedown
Air Date: May 15th, 2013
Summary: The team wonders what's going on with Sonia as she tries to deal with Lou's big secret. Ronnie goes undercover and takes a gold digging RO out on a date, but Carlos lets the cat out of the bag all hell breaks loose.
Episode 8: The New Boss
Air Date: May 22nd, 2013
Summary: Lou's retirement makes Sonia the new boss, but will she be able to keep the company going? Matt and Ronnie try to get a car away from a yuppie with an unusual taste for red meat.
Episode 9: Hayseed Inferno
Air Date: May 22nd, 2013
Summary: Sonia pushes to repossess more than just cars but the response from the team threatens to end her time in charge. Ronnie and Matt try to repo from a reckless motocross daredevil.
Episode 10: Bullseye!
Air Date: May 29th, 2013
Summary: When tragedy strikes on a routine repossession, Sonia faces her biggest challenge yet; Matt and Froy hit the club to take a sports car away from a deadbeat DJ; Sonia and Froy take aim at an archer couple.
Episode 11: Phi Alpha Fail
Air Date: June 5th, 2013
Summary: Carlos goes undercover at a frat house; Matt and Ronnie go after some wanna-be internet sensations; Sonia meets with a mysterious man who offers the job of a lifetime.
Episode 12: Boys With Toys
Air Date: June 12nd, 2013
Summary: Matt tries to work his way into Sonia's airplane repossession; Ronnie and Sonia head to a winery; Matt and Carlos go after a concrete breaker.
Episode 13: Mile High Mayhem
Air Date: June 19th, 2013
Summary: Froy and Sonia repo a water blob from a lake house; Sonia is forced to offer Matt a position on the airplane.
Episode 14: Reclaim the Plane
Air Date: December 18th, 2013
Episode 15: First Rule of Repo
Air Date: December 25th, 2013
Summary: Froy and Sonia encounter a city employee who tries to give them the boot, and a mechanic's shady scheme comes crashing down on Matt and Ronnie.
Episode 16: Natural Liar
Air Date: December 18th, 2013
Episode 17: It Takes Two to Lambo
Air Date: January 8th, 2014
Summary: A hoarder with a secret tries to pull a fast one on Matt and Froy; Sonia takes sides in a dramatic lover's quarrel; Froy finally gets a shot at recovering the Lamborghini.
Episode 18: The Magic Touch
Air Date: January 15th, 2014
Summary: Ronnie and Froy repo from a stripper who leaves them tongue tied; a magician's stunning sleight of hand backfires on Carlos; Sonia is forced to put her faith in Carlos for the team's next big job.
Episode 19: Bulldozed
Air Date: January 22nd, 2014
Summary: A repo turns disastrous for Sonia; a hovercraft owner with an attitude; Sonia tells the team about the sale of the company.
Episode 20: All in the Same Boat
Air Date: January 29th, 2014
Summary: A stunt driver slips through Froy and Sonia's grasp; Matt offends a pretty RO who seeks revenge; Froy and Carlos go undercover.
Episode 21: The Final Operation
Air Date: February 5th, 2014
Summary: The team prepares for its last repossession; Matt and Carlos contend with a signmaker; the team tries to avoid a lawsuit while seeking a large payday.
Episode 22: It Ain't No Joke!
Air Date: December 11st, 2013
Summary: The cast takes viewers back through the most outrageous, comical, and memorable repos of the series.
Episode 23:
Air Date: February 5th, 2014
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