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First Aired: September 21st, 1968
Status: Ended
Network: NBC
Summary: Adam-12 is a television police drama that followed two police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department, Pete Malloy and Jim Reed, as they patrolled the streets of Los Angeles in their patrol unit, 1-Adam-12.
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Season 2
Episode 1: Log 15 -- Exactly One Hundred Yards
Air Date: September 20th, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed volunteer for the LAPD Olympics. There, they meet a youth who is in need of a positive role model.
Episode 2: Log 153 -- Find Me a Needle
Air Date: September 27th, 1969
Summary: The "Mulholland Mauler" is the object of a department wide search and several cars are assigned to patrol 'lovers lane' but more than one suspect ends up matching the description. How do they smoke out the Mauler?
Episode 3: Log 52 -- Good Cop: Handle with Care
Air Date: October 4th, 1969
Summary: A pair of freelance reporters are determined to do a story on police brutality, and harass Reed and Malloy as their marks. The officers warn the reporters to cease their behavior, but they don't and they end up causing a tragedy.
Episode 4: Log 23 -- Pig Is a Three Letter Word
Air Date: October 11st, 1969
Summary: A pair of black hoodlums shoot and kill a respected black couple during a grocery store robbery. Reed and Malloy sent in to ward off a potential riot, knowing that given the heightened racial tensions, the wrong thing said could spark deadly violence.
Episode 5: Log 83 -- A Different Thing
Air Date: October 18th, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed are called to investigate a hit-and-run incident that soon begins to look like a homicide.
Episode 6: Log 103 -- A Sound Like Thunder
Air Date: November 1st, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed double date on their day off to a ghost town only to be confronted by a motor cycle gang. It takes their quick police instincts to save the day as Mrs Reed gets too close to delivering the baby.
Episode 7: Log 63 -- Baby
Air Date: November 8th, 1969
Summary: Reed foolishly comes to work on the same day his wife is admitted to the hospital to give birth to their child. Reed continually attempts to contact his hospitalized wife but is always foiled by crime, timing or incompetence. Malloy just tries to get through the day.
Episode 8: Log 93 -- Once a Junkie
Air Date: November 22nd, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed begin to suspect that their street informant has returned to using and is committing crimes to support his habit.
Episode 9: Log 123 -- Courtroom
Air Date: November 29th, 1969
Summary: A look at courtroom procedures, wherein a routine arrest on a traffic warrant uncovers a cache of narcotics. However, the suspect bases his defense that Reed was guilty of improper search and seizure.
Episode 10: Log 143 -- Cave
Air Date: December 13rd, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed investigate a series of seemingly random thefts of odd items in a neighborhood.
Episode 11: Log 142 -- As High as You Are
Air Date: December 20th, 1969
Summary: Malloy and Reed encounter a lion in an apartment building and investigate a break-in at a medical supply warehouse. Malloy fends off cop haters and maintains the peace.
Episode 12: Log 43 -- Hostage
Air Date: January 3rd, 1970
Summary: Two armed convicts holding up a diner shoot Malloy who entered innocently, and hold him and other civilians hostage.
Episode 13: Log 34 - Astro
Air Date: January 10th, 1970
Summary: LAPD incorporates a helicopter unit into their patrols which helps Malloy and Reed track down armed criminals.
Episode 14: Log 14 -- S.W.A.T.
Air Date: January 24th, 1970
Summary: A rooftop sniper endangers the lives of people in a neighborhood, resulting in Malloy and Reed calling in the SWAT unit to secure the scene.
Episode 15: Log 64 -- Bottom of the Bottle
Air Date: January 31st, 1970
Summary: Alcohol related incidents and a suicide attempt keep Malloy and Reed busy on a Sunday afternoon.
Episode 16: Log 54 -- Impersonation
Air Date: February 7th, 1970
Summary: An investigator for the Rampart division is suspected of defrauding residents of their money. But is he really the guilty party, or is it a clever criminal who has assumed his identity?
Episode 17: Log 24 -- A Rare Occasion
Air Date: February 14th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed deal with a purse snatcher focused on being jailed in time for dinner, a young boy on drugs with his dealer out to kill him, while enduring worry and concern over two policemen friends hospitalized in critical care resulting from a crackup in a high speed pursuit.
Episode 18: Log 124 -- Airport
Air Date: February 28th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed respond to a drunk who has stolen a plane for a joyride, look for a 17 year old runaway, receive a call for a 2-11 in progress where they encounter two armed robbers, and track down a stolen 3-ton safe containing $10k that was booby-trapped by the owner against safe crackers.
Episode 19: Log 94 -- Vengeance
Air Date: March 7th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed contend with an ambush aimed at them, search for a missing boy, track down a car thief who is being crushed by his loot, and deal with a recent parolee who has sworn revenge on Malloy.
Episode 20: Log 104 -- The Bomb
Air Date: March 14th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed respond to a theft from a company that cannot disclose what was stolen because it is classified. Another call to the mysterious company reveals a bomb resulting in an appearance of a two man bomb squad.
Episode 21: Log 74 -- Light Duty
Air Date: March 21st, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed are on front desk duty because Malloy has a busted hand. A rally at a college campus gets rowdy requiring Reed to assist, leaving Malloy at the station desk worrying about Reed. Malloy's shift isn't all quiet as he captures two criminals who come in looking to see if their partner has been captured and other characters from LA-LA land.
Episode 22: Log 114 -- The Hero
Air Date: March 28th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed respond to a fire where a young man, Lauro, saves a man trapped inside. But Lauro seems reluctant to receive any praise or attention much to everyone's surprise. Meanwhile, a concerned landlord reports suspicious in-activity from a tenant with heart trouble where Malloy and Reed arrive in time to give him CPR and save his life. Malloy attempts to keep his new hat clean, but finds it an impossibility.
Episode 23: Log 134 -- Child Stealer
Air Date: April 4th, 1970
Summary: Once Malloy and Reed get an aggressive dog out of the squad, they investigate the kidnapping of a child by its father, contend with an elderly miser who attempts to pay a bill with trading stamps, capture an escaped convict on a bus, and rescue a liquor delivery man from two serial van hijackers.
Episode 24: Log 144 -- Bank Robbery
Air Date: April 11st, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed respond to a domestic abuse call where they become the abused. Later they become suspicious of a man whose apartment has been burglarized, help a man who found the stolen hood and front fenders of his VW on another car, and complete their day catching bank robbers.
Episode 25: Log 44 -- Attempted Bribery
Air Date: April 18th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed prove they cannot and will not be bribed, no matter how good the offer, resulting in desperation from a young man charged with his third drunk driving offense. An elderly man admits mercy killing his wife.
Episode 26: Log 173 -- Shoplift
Air Date: May 9th, 1970
Summary: Malloy and Reed track down a kooky female shoplifter involved in a cult-type relationship with a ego-maniacal spiritualist weirdo. Malloy gets help tracking her down from an old girlfriend.
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