WWE SmackDown
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WWE SmackDown
First Aired: April 29th, 1999
Status: Continuing
Genre: Sport, Action
Network: UPN
Summary: For more than 20 years and with more than 1,000 episodes, SmackDown has showcased WWE's top Superstars and created countless memorable moments.
Next Episode:
Season 22 - Episode 22
Friday Night SmackDown 1084
Air Date: May 29th, 2020
Episode Statistics:
# of Episodes: 1087
# of Episodes I watched: 0
# of Episodes I haven't watched: 1087
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Adam Copeland - Edge
Adam Copeland
as Edge
Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah - Kofi Kingston
Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah
as Kofi Kingston
Stephen Farrelly - Sheamus
Stephen Farrelly
as Sheamus
Joanie Laurer - Chyna
Joanie Laurer
as Chyna
Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar
as Brock Lesnar
Christopher Irvine - Chris Jericho
Christopher Irvine
as Chris Jericho
Steve Austin -
Steve Austin
as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Terry Bollea - Hulk Hogan
Terry Bollea
as Hulk Hogan
Dwayne Johnson - The Rock
Dwayne Johnson
as The Rock
Paul Levesque - Triple H
Paul Levesque
as Triple H
Eduardo Guerrero - Eddie Guerrero
Eduardo Guerrero
as Eddie Guerrero
Glenn Jacobs - Kane
Glenn Jacobs
as Kane
Paul Wight - The Big Show
Paul Wight
as The Big Show
Kurt Angle - Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
as Kurt Angle
Michael Mizanin - The Miz
Michael Mizanin
as The Miz
Jeffrey Hardy - Jeff Hardy
Jeffrey Hardy
as Jeff Hardy
Mark Calaway - The Undertaker
Mark Calaway
as The Undertaker
Joshua Fatu - Jey Uso
Joshua Fatu
as Jey Uso
William Reso - Christian
William Reso
as Christian
Mark Callaway - The Undertaker
Mark Callaway
as The Undertaker
Matthew Rehwoldt - Aiden English
Matthew Rehwoldt
as Aiden English
Allen Jones - AJ Styles
Allen Jones
as AJ Styles
Brock Lesner - Brock Lesner
Brock Lesner
as Brock Lesner
Alberto Rodríguez - Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Rodríguez
as Alberto Del Rio
Jonathan Fatu - Jimmy Uso
Jonathan Fatu
as Jimmy Uso
Rebecca Quin - Becky Lynch
Rebecca Quin
as Becky Lynch
Rob Szatkowski - Rob Van Dam
Rob Szatkowski
as Rob Van Dam
Phillip Brooks - CM Punk
Phillip Brooks
as CM Punk
John Cena -
John Cena
Rene Goguen -
Rene Goguen
Oscar Gutierrez Gonzales -
Oscar Gutierrez Gonzales
Robert Howard -
Robert Howard
Vince McMahon -
Vince McMahon
Jeff Hardy - Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy
as Jeff Hardy
Jimmy Yang -
Jimmy Yang
Tom Budgen - Aleister Black
Tom Budgen
as Aleister Black
Alexis Kaufman - Alexa Bliss
Alexis Kaufman
as Alexa Bliss
Michael Foley - Mankind
Michael Foley
as Mankind
Andrew "Drew" Galloway
as Drew McIntyre
Andrew Galloway IV - Drew McIntyre
Andrew Galloway IV
as Drew McIntyre
Mark LoMonaco - Bubba Ray Dudley
Mark LoMonaco
as Bubba Ray Dudley
Devon Hughes - D-Von Dudley
Devon Hughes
as D-Von Dudley
Lance Evers - Lance Storm
Lance Evers
as Lance Storm
Joan Laurer - Chyna
Joan Laurer
as Chyna
Christopher Benoit - Chris Benoit
Christopher Benoit
as Chris Benoit
Sean Waltman - X-Pac
Sean Waltman
as X-Pac
Peter Senercia - Tazz
Peter Senercia
as Tazz
Monty Sopp - Billy Gunn
Monty Sopp
as Billy Gunn
Axel Tischer - Alexander Wolfe
Axel Tischer
as Alexander Wolfe
Adeel Alam - Ali
Adeel Alam
as Ali
Victoria Crawford - Alicia Fox
Victoria Crawford
as Alicia Fox
Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza - Andrade
Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza
as Andrade
Sesugh Uhaa - Apollo Crews
Sesugh Uhaa
as Apollo Crews
Thomas Pestock - Baron Corbin
Thomas Pestock
as Baron Corbin
Dave Bautista - Batista
Dave Bautista
as Batista
Pamela Martinez - Bayley
Pamela Martinez
as Bayley
William Morrissey - Big Cass
William Morrissey
as Big Cass
Ettore Ewen - Big E.
Ettore Ewen
as Big E.
Taylor Rotunda - Bo Dallas
Taylor Rotunda
as Bo Dallas
Franklin Lashley - Bobby Lashley
Franklin Lashley
as Bobby Lashley
Robert Huffman - Booker T.
Robert Huffman
as Booker T.
Windham Rotunda - Bray Wyatt
Windham Rotunda
as Bray Wyatt
Matthew Adams - Buddy Murphy
Matthew Adams
as Buddy Murphy
Bryan Kelly - Byron Saxton
Bryan Kelly
as Byron Saxton
Mick Foley - Cactus Jack
Mick Foley
as Cactus Jack
Leah Van Dale - Carmella
Leah Van Dale
as Carmella
Claudio Castagnoli - Cesaro
Claudio Castagnoli
as Cesaro
Charles Betts - Chad Gable
Charles Betts
as Chad Gable
Ashley Fliehr - Charlotte Flair
Ashley Fliehr
as Charlotte Flair
Matthew Polinsky - Corey Graves
Matthew Polinsky
as Corey Graves
Brian Myers - Curt Hawkins
Brian Myers
as Curt Hawkins
Joseph Hennig - Curtis Axel
Joseph Hennig
as Curtis Axel
Aron Haddad - Damian Sandow
Aron Haddad
as Damian Sandow
Ashley Sebera - Dana Brooke
Ashley Sebera
as Dana Brooke
Bryan Danielson - Daniel Bryan
Bryan Danielson
as Daniel Bryan
Daniel Wheeler - Dash Wilder
Daniel Wheeler
as Dash Wilder
Frederick Rosser III - Darren Young
Frederick Rosser III
as Darren Young
David Otunga - David Otunga
David Otunga
as David Otunga
Jonathan Good - Dean Ambrose
Jonathan Good
as Dean Ambrose
Nicholas Nemeth - Dolph Ziggler
Nicholas Nemeth
as Dolph Ziggler
Jeffrey Sciullo - Elias
Jeffrey Sciullo
as Elias
Adrienne Reese - Ember Moon
Adrienne Reese
as Ember Moon
Jeremy Fritz - Eric Young
Jeremy Fritz
as Eric Young
Terrance Gerin - Rhyno
Terrance Gerin
as Rhyno
Joseph Ruud - Erick Rowan
Joseph Ruud
as Erick Rowan
Curtis Hussey - Fandango
Curtis Hussey
as Fandango
Fergal Devitt - Finn Bálor
Fergal Devitt
as Finn Bálor
William Goldberg - Goldberg
William Goldberg
as Goldberg
Adam Scherr - Braun Strowman
Adam Scherr
as Braun Strowman
Heath Miller - Heath Slater
Heath Miller
as Heath Slater
James Morris - James Ellsworth
James Morris
as James Ellsworth
Nathan Everhart - Jason Jordan
Nathan Everhart
as Jason Jordan
Jerry Lawler - Jerry
Jerry Lawler
as Jerry "The King" Lawler
James Ross - Jim Ross
James Ross
as Jim Ross
Yuvraj Dhesi - Jinder Mahal
Yuvraj Dhesi
as Jinder Mahal
Adam Birch - Joey Mercury
Adam Birch
as Joey Mercury
John Layfield - John
John Layfield
as John "Bradshaw" Layfield
John Hennigan - John Morrison
John Hennigan
as John Morrison
Jonathan Coachman - Jonathan Coachman
Jonathan Coachman
as Jonathan Coachman
Phillip Lloyd - Justin Gabriel
Phillip Lloyd
as Justin Gabriel
Kaori Housako - Kairi Sane
Kaori Housako
as Kairi Sane
Celeste Bonin - Kaitlyn
Celeste Bonin
as Kaitlyn
Emanuel Rodriguez - Kalisto
Emanuel Rodriguez
as Kalisto
Chad Allegra - Karl Anderson
Chad Allegra
as Karl Anderson
Barbara Blank - Kelly Kelly
Barbara Blank
as Kelly Kelly
Kevin Nash - Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash
as Kevin Nash
Kevin Steen - Kevin Owens
Kevin Steen
as Kevin Owens
Damian Mackle - Killian Dain
Damian Mackle
as Killian Dain
Macey Estrella-Kadlec - Lacey Evans
Macey Estrella-Kadlec
as Lacey Evans
Catherine Joy Perry - Lana
Catherine Joy Perry
as Lana
Dylan Miley - Lars Sullivan
Dylan Miley
as Lars Sullivan
José Cordero - Lince Dorado
José Cordero
as Lince Dorado
Amy Dumas - Lita
Amy Dumas
as Lita
Gionna Daddio - Liv Morgan
Gionna Daddio
as Liv Morgan
Andrew Hankinson - Luke Gallows
Andrew Hankinson
as Luke Gallows
Jonathan Huber - Luke Harper
Jonathan Huber
as Luke Harper
Mary Kanellis - Maria Kanellis
Mary Kanellis
as Maria Kanellis
Mark Henry - Mark Henry
Mark Henry
as Mark Henry
Maryse Ouellet - Maryse
Maryse Ouellet
as Maryse
Matthew Hardy - Matt Hardy
Matthew Hardy
as Matt Hardy
Amanda Saccomanno - Mandy Rose
Amanda Saccomanno
as Mandy Rose
Sean Coulthard - Michael Cole
Sean Coulthard
as Michael Cole
Michael Bennett - Mike Kanellis
Michael Bennett
as Mike Kanellis
Dean Muhtadi - Mojo Rawley
Dean Muhtadi
as Mojo Rawley
Hassan Assad - Montel Vontavious Porter
Hassan Assad
as Montel Vontavious Porter
Vince McMahon - Mr. McMahon
Vince McMahon
as Mr. McMahon
Natalie Neidhart - Natalya
Natalie Neidhart
as Natalya
Benjamin Satterley - Neville
Benjamin Satterley
as Neville
Nicola Glencross - Nikki Cross
Nicola Glencross
as Nikki Cross
Nikola Bogojevic - Otis
Nikola Bogojevic
as Otis
Saraya-Jade Bevis - Paige
Saraya-Jade Bevis
as Paige
William Moody - Paul Bearer
William Moody
as Paul Bearer
Paul Heyman - Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman
as Paul Heyman
Ronnie Killings - R-Truth
Ronnie Killings
as R-Truth
Randal Orton - Randy Orton
Randal Orton
as Randy Orton
Scott Levy - Raven
Scott Levy
as Raven
Renee Paquette - Renee Young
Renee Paquette
as Renee Young
Óscar Gutiérrez - Rey Mysterio
Óscar Gutiérrez
as Rey Mysterio
Richard Fliehr - Ric Flair
Richard Fliehr
as Ric Flair
Robert Roode - Robert Roode
Robert Roode
as Robert Roode
Leati Joseph Anoaʻi - Roman Reigns
Leati Joseph Anoaʻi
as Roman Reigns
Miroslav Barnyashev - Rusev
Miroslav Barnyashev
as Rusev
Ryan Reeves - Ryback
Ryan Reeves
as Ryback
Rami Sebei - Sami Zayn
Rami Sebei
as Sami Zayn
Nuufolau Seanoa - Samoa Joe
Nuufolau Seanoa
as Samoa Joe
Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado - Sasha Banks
Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado
as Sasha Banks
David Harwood - Scott Dawson
David Harwood
as Scott Dawson
Scott Hall - Scott Hall
Scott Hall
as Scott Hall
Colby Lopez - Seth Rollins
Colby Lopez
as Seth Rollins
Shane McMahon - Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon
as Shane McMahon
Shelton Benjamin - Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin
as Shelton Benjamin
Shinsuke Nakamura - Shinsuke Nakamura
Shinsuke Nakamura
as Shinsuke Nakamura
Seth Lesser - Simon Gotch
Seth Lesser
as Simon Gotch
Stephanie McMahon - Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
as Stephanie McMahon
Yoshihiro Tajiri - Tajiri
Yoshihiro Tajiri
as Tajiri
Levi Cooper - Tucker
Levi Cooper
as Tucker
Stuart Bennett - Wade Barrett
Stuart Bennett
as Wade Barrett
Cory Weston - Wesley Blake
Cory Weston
as Wesley Blake
Darren Matthews - William Regal
Darren Matthews
as William Regal
Austin Watson - Xavier Woods
Austin Watson
as Xavier Woods
Matthew Cardona - Zack Ryder
Matthew Cardona
as Zack Ryder