Law and Order
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Law and Order
First Aired: September 13rd, 1990
Status: Ended
Genre: Drama, Crime
Network: NBC
Summary: "In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories." "Law & Order" is a blended police procedural and courtroom drama created by Dick Wolf. The structure for the one-hour show is a two-part approach - The first half focuses on NYPD homicide detectives investigating a crime - often derived from a real-life headline - and apprehending a suspect. The second half takes place in the courtroom, with the district attorney prosecuting the defendant.
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Sam Waterston - D.A. Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
as D.A. Jack McCoy
Jerry Orbach - Det. Lennie Briscoe
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
S. Epatha Merkerson - Lt. Anita Van Buren
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Lt. Anita Van Buren
Paul Sorvino - Sgt. Phil Cerreta
Paul Sorvino
as Sgt. Phil Cerreta
Dann Florek - Capt. Don Cragen
Dann Florek
as Capt. Don Cragen
Dennis Farina - Det. Joe Fontana
Dennis Farina
as Det. Joe Fontana
Michael Imperioli - Det. Nick Falco
Michael Imperioli
as Det. Nick Falco
Angie Harmon - A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael
Angie Harmon
as A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael
Jesse L. Martin - Det. Ed Green
Jesse L. Martin
as Det. Ed Green
Richard Brooks - A.D.A. Paul Robinette
Richard Brooks
as A.D.A. Paul Robinette
Carolyn McCormick - Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
George Dzundza - Sgt. Max Greevey
George Dzundza
as Sgt. Max Greevey
Michael Moriarty - Exec. A.D.A. Ben Stone
Michael Moriarty
as Exec. A.D.A. Ben Stone
Jill Hennessy - A.D.A. Claire Kincaid
Jill Hennessy
as A.D.A. Claire Kincaid
Milena Govich - Det. Nina Cassady
Milena Govich
as Det. Nina Cassady
Fred Thompson - D.A. Arthur Branch
Fred Thompson
as D.A. Arthur Branch
Linus Roache - Exec. A.D.A. Michael Cutter
Linus Roache
as Exec. A.D.A. Michael Cutter
Anthony Anderson - Det. Kevin Bernard
Anthony Anderson
as Det. Kevin Bernard
Dianne Wiest - D.A. Nora Lewin
Dianne Wiest
as D.A. Nora Lewin
Alana De La Garza - A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa
Alana De La Garza
as A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa
Carey Lowell - A.D.A. Jamie Ross
Carey Lowell
as A.D.A. Jamie Ross
Jeremy Sisto - Det. Cyrus Lupo
Jeremy Sisto
as Det. Cyrus Lupo
Elisabeth Rohm - A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn
Elisabeth Rohm
as A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn
Steven Hill - D.A. Adam Schiff
Steven Hill
as D.A. Adam Schiff
Benjamin Bratt - Det. Rey Curtis
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Rey Curtis
Annie Parisse - A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia
Annie Parisse
as A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia
Chris Noth - Det. Mike Logan
Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michelle Trachtenberg - Dinah Driscoll
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Dinah Driscoll