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First Aired: February 13rd, 2009
Status: Ended
Network: FOX
Summary: The show revolves around a corporation running numerous underground establishments across the globe which program individuals referred to as Actives with temporary personalities and skills. Wealthy clients hire Actives at great expense for various purposes. The series follows the Active known as Echo, on her journey towards self-awareness.
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# of Episodes I haven't watched: 26
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Eliza Dushku - Echo / Caroline Farrell
Eliza Dushku
as Echo / Caroline Farrell
Olivia Williams - Adelle DeWitt
Olivia Williams
as Adelle DeWitt
Enver Gjokaj - Victor
Enver Gjokaj
as Victor
Harry Lennix - Boyd Langton
Harry Lennix
as Boyd Langton
Dichen Lachman - Sierra
Dichen Lachman
as Sierra
Fran Kranz - Topher Brink
Fran Kranz
as Topher Brink
Tahmoh Penikett - Paul Ballard
Tahmoh Penikett
as Paul Ballard
Miracle Laurie - Mellie
Miracle Laurie
as Mellie
Reed Diamond - Laurence Dominic
Reed Diamond
as Laurence Dominic
Alexis Denisof - Senator Daniel Perrin
Alexis Denisof
as Senator Daniel Perrin
Summer Glau - Bennett Halverson
Summer Glau
as Bennett Halverson
Alan Tudyk - Alpha
Alan Tudyk
as Alpha
Keith Carradine - Matthew Harding
Keith Carradine
as Matthew Harding
Amy Acker - Dr. Claire Saunders
Amy Acker
as Dr. Claire Saunders