Doctor Who (2005)
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Doctor Who (2005)
First Aired: March 26th, 2005
Status: Continuing
Air Time: Sunday, 06:45 PM
Network: BBC One
Summary: The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. The Doctor has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys along the way. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to “regenerate” into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.
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# of Episodes I haven't watched: 137
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Jodie Whittaker - The Doctor
Jodie Whittaker
as The Doctor
Peter Capaldi - The Doctor
Peter Capaldi
as The Doctor
Matt Smith - The Doctor
Matt Smith
as The Doctor
Christopher Eccleston - The Doctor
Christopher Eccleston
as The Doctor
David Tennant - The Doctor
David Tennant
as The Doctor
Mandip Gill - Yasmin Khan
Mandip Gill
as Yasmin Khan
Tosin Cole - Ryan Sinclair
Tosin Cole
as Ryan Sinclair
Bradley Walsh - Graham O'Brien
Bradley Walsh
as Graham O'Brien
Matt Lucas - Nardole
Matt Lucas
as Nardole
Pearl Mackie - Bill Potts
Pearl Mackie
as Bill Potts
Jemma Redgrave - Kate Stewart
Jemma Redgrave
as Kate Stewart
Michelle Gomez - Missy
Michelle Gomez
as Missy
Dan Starkey - Strax
Dan Starkey
as Strax
Catrin Stewart - Jenny Flint
Catrin Stewart
as Jenny Flint
Neve McIntosh - Madame Vastra
Neve McIntosh
as Madame Vastra
Arthur Darvill - Rory Williams
Arthur Darvill
as Rory Williams
Noel Clarke - Mickey Smith
Noel Clarke
as Mickey Smith
Alex Kingston - River Song
Alex Kingston
as River Song
Bernard Cribbins - Wilfred Mott
Bernard Cribbins
as Wilfred Mott
Billie Piper - Rose Tyler
Billie Piper
as Rose Tyler
John Barrowman - Jack Harkness
John Barrowman
as Jack Harkness
Catherine Tate - Donna Noble
Catherine Tate
as Donna Noble
John Simm - The Master
John Simm
as The Master
Karen Gillan - Amy Pond
Karen Gillan
as Amy Pond
Jenna Coleman - Clara Oswald
Jenna Coleman
as Clara Oswald
Freema Agyeman - Martha Jones
Freema Agyeman
as Martha Jones
Camille Coduri - Jackie Tyler
Camille Coduri
as Jackie Tyler
Samuel Anderson - Danny Pink
Samuel Anderson
as Danny Pink