Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives
First Aired: October 3rd, 2004
Status: Ended
Genre: Soap, Drama, Comedy
Network: ABC (US)
Summary: In the town of Fairview there's a street called Wisteria Lane; a peaceful cul-de-sac with manicured lawns and beautiful houses. It's a place where you know all your neighbors and your neighbors know all about you. It's the perfect suburban fantasy. But, behind every picket fence there are secrets. And, in every seemingly happy home, you'll find jealousy, lust, passion, and sometimes... murder.
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Felicity Huffman - Lynette Scavo
Felicity Huffman
as Lynette Scavo
Marcia Cross - Bree Van De Kamp
Marcia Cross
as Bree Van De Kamp
Teri Hatcher - Susan Mayer
Teri Hatcher
as Susan Mayer
Eva Longoria - Gabrielle Solis
Eva Longoria
as Gabrielle Solis
Vanessa Williams - Renee Perry
Vanessa Williams
as Renee Perry
Nicollette Sheridan - Edie Britt
Nicollette Sheridan
as Edie Britt
Dana Delany - Katherine Mayfair
Dana Delany
as Katherine Mayfair
Ricardo Antonio Chavira - Carlos Solis
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
as Carlos Solis
Kyle MacLachlan - Orson Hodge
Kyle MacLachlan
as Orson Hodge
Brenda Strong - Mary Alice Young
Brenda Strong
as Mary Alice Young
Kathryn Joosten - Karen McCluskey
Kathryn Joosten
as Karen McCluskey
Doug Savant - Tom Scavo
Doug Savant
as Tom Scavo
James Denton - Mike Delfino
James Denton
as Mike Delfino
John Slattery - Victor Lang
John Slattery
as Victor Lang
Tuc Watkins - Bob Hunter
Tuc Watkins
as Bob Hunter
Orson Bean - Roy Bender
Orson Bean
as Roy Bender
Gary Cole - Wayne Davis
Gary Cole
as Wayne Davis
Sam Page - Sam Allen
Sam Page
as Sam Allen
Shirley Knight - Phyllis Van De Kamp
Shirley Knight
as Phyllis Van De Kamp
Josh Zuckerman - Eddie Orlofsky
Josh Zuckerman
as Eddie Orlofsky
Brian Austin Green - Keith Watson
Brian Austin Green
as Keith Watson
Sarah Paulson - Lydia Lindquist
Sarah Paulson
as Lydia Lindquist
Andrea Parker - Jane Carlson
Andrea Parker
as Jane Carlson
Pat Crawford Brown - Ida Greenberg
Pat Crawford Brown
as Ida Greenberg
Dixie Carter - Gloria Hodge
Dixie Carter
as Gloria Hodge
Roger Bart - George Williams
Roger Bart
as George Williams
Ryan Carnes - Justin
Ryan Carnes
as Justin
Christine Estabrook - Martha Huber
Christine Estabrook
as Martha Huber
Kiersten Warren - Nora Huntington
Kiersten Warren
as Nora Huntington
Kevin Rahm - Lee McDermott
Kevin Rahm
as Lee McDermott
Richard Burgi - Karl Mayer
Richard Burgi
as Karl Mayer
Julie Benz - Robin Gallagher
Julie Benz
as Robin Gallagher
Tony Plana  - Alejandro Perez
Tony Plana
as Alejandro Perez
Valerie Mahaffey - Alma Hodge
Valerie Mahaffey
as Alma Hodge
Emily Bergl - Beth Young
Emily Bergl
as Beth Young
Jonathan Cake - Chuck Vance
Jonathan Cake
as Chuck Vance
Jolie Jenkins - Deirdre Taylor
Jolie Jenkins
as Deirdre Taylor
Harriet Sansom Harris - Felicia Tilman
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Felicia Tilman
Helena Mattsson - Irina Korsakov
Helena Mattsson
as Irina Korsakov
Nathan Fillion - Adam Mayfair
Nathan Fillion
as Adam Mayfair
Cody Kasch - Zach Young
Cody Kasch
as Zach Young
Mehcad Brooks - Matthew Applewhite
Mehcad Brooks
as Matthew Applewhite
NaShawn Kearse - Caleb Applewhite
NaShawn Kearse
as Caleb Applewhite
Charles Mesure - Ben Faulkner
Charles Mesure
as Ben Faulkner
Shawn Pyfrom - Andrew Van De Kamp
Shawn Pyfrom
as Andrew Van De Kamp
Joy Lauren - Danielle Van De Kamp
Joy Lauren
as Danielle Van De Kamp
Alfre Woodard - Betty Applewhite
Alfre Woodard
as Betty Applewhite
Dougray Scott - Ian Hainsworth
Dougray Scott
as Ian Hainsworth
Josh Henderson - Austin McCann
Josh Henderson
as Austin McCann
Lyndsy Fonseca - Dylan Mayfair
Lyndsy Fonseca
as Dylan Mayfair
Neal McDonough - Dave Williams
Neal McDonough
as Dave Williams
Mark Moses - Paul Young
Mark Moses
as Paul Young
Steven Culp - Rex Van De Kamp
Steven Culp
as Rex Van De Kamp
Jesse Metcalfe - John Rowland
Jesse Metcalfe
as John Rowland
Drea de Matteo - Angie Bolen
Drea de Matteo
as Angie Bolen
Maiara Walsh - Ana Solis
Maiara Walsh
as Ana Solis
Jeffrey Nordling - Nick Bolen
Jeffrey Nordling
as Nick Bolen
Beau Mirchoff - Danny Bolen
Beau Mirchoff
as Danny Bolen
Charlie Carver - Porter Scavo
Charlie Carver
as Porter Scavo
Max Carver - Preston Scavo
Max Carver
as Preston Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore - Parker Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore
as Parker Scavo
Kendall Applegate - Penny Scavo
Kendall Applegate
as Penny Scavo
Madison de la Garza - Juanita Solis
Madison de la Garza
as Juanita Solis
Mason Vale Cotton - MJ Delfino
Mason Vale Cotton
as MJ Delfino
Andrea Bowen - Julie Mayer
Andrea Bowen
as Julie Mayer
Beau Bridges - Eli Scruggs
Beau Bridges
as Eli Scruggs
Polly Bergen - Stella Wingfield
Polly Bergen
as Stella Wingfield
Laurie Metcalf - Carolyn Bigsby
Laurie Metcalf
as Carolyn Bigsby