Blue Submarine No. 6
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Blue Submarine No. 6
First Aired: October 25th, 1998
Status: Ended
Summary: Aono Roku Go [Japanese Title] BLUE SUBMARINE NO. 6 takes places in a future time, with the sea levels dramatically risen and humanity on the losing side of a mysterious war. The story revolves around the Blue Submarine No. 6, a futuristic submarine with a talented military crew. The key characters are Hayami Tetsu, a great mini-sub pilot but depressed and aimless, and Kino Mayumi, a cute girl pilot with a strong conviction to fight in this war.
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Yukana [Yukana] Nogami - Mayumi Kino
Yukana [Yukana] Nogami
as Mayumi Kino
Hozumi Gouda - Tetsu Hayami
Hozumi Gouda
as Tetsu Hayami
Gara Takashima - N'duhlle Gilford
Gara Takashima
as N'duhlle Gilford
Jurota Kosugi - Jean-Jacques Burnel
Jurota Kosugi
as Jean-Jacques Burnel
Shotaro Morikubo - Verg
Shotaro Morikubo
as Verg
Takeshi Wakamatsu - Yung Zorndyke
Takeshi Wakamatsu
as Yung Zorndyke
Youko Soumi - Frida Velasco
Youko Soumi
as Frida Velasco
Miki Nagasawa - Mutio
Miki Nagasawa
as Mutio
Thomas Bruning  - Yuri Maiakofski
Thomas Bruning
as Yuri Maiakofski
Kinryuu Arimoto - Iga Tokuhiro
Kinryuu Arimoto
as Iga Tokuhiro
Shin'ichirou Miki - Myeong-hae Yun
Shin'ichirou Miki
as Myeong-hae Yun