Batman - The Animated Series
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Batman - The Animated Series
First Aired: September 5th, 1992
Status: Ended
Network: FOX (US)
Summary: Batman The Animated Series was a cartoon that premiered on September 5, 1992, based on the comic series created by Bob Kane, as well as the Burton movie adaptations. The series focused on the adventures of the alter ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman, a dark vigilante hero who defends Gotham City from a variety of creative and psychotic villains. The highly successful series merged stylish animation and fantastic storytelling more in the style of radio plays than typical cartoons.
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Kevin Conroy - Bruce Wayne/Batman/Others
Kevin Conroy
as Bruce Wayne/Batman/Others
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. - Alfred Pennyworth/Others
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
as Alfred Pennyworth/Others
Mark Hamill - The Joker/Others
Mark Hamill
as The Joker/Others
Brock Peters - Lucius Fox/Others
Brock Peters
as Lucius Fox/Others
Adrienne Barbeau - Catwoman/Others
Adrienne Barbeau
as Catwoman/Others
John Vernon - Rupert Thorne
John Vernon
as Rupert Thorne
Mari Devon - Summer Gleeson/Others
Mari Devon
as Summer Gleeson/Others
Clive Revill - Alfred Pennyworth/Others
Clive Revill
as Alfred Pennyworth/Others
Diana Muldaur - Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Diana Muldaur
as Dr. Leslie Thompkins
David Warner - Ra's al Ghul
David Warner
as Ra's al Ghul
Diane Pershing - Poison Ivy AKA Dr. Pamela Isley/Others
Diane Pershing
as Poison Ivy AKA Dr. Pamela Isley/Others
Ingrid Oliu - Officer Renée Montoya
Ingrid Oliu
as Officer Renée Montoya
Arleen Sorkin - Harley Quinn AKA Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Arleen Sorkin
as Harley Quinn AKA Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Robert Costanzo - Detective Harvey Bullock/Others
Robert Costanzo
as Detective Harvey Bullock/Others
Richard Moll - Harvey Dent/Two Face/Others
Richard Moll
as Harvey Dent/Two Face/Others
Loren Lester - Robin / Dick Grayson/Others
Loren Lester
as Robin / Dick Grayson/Others
Lloyd Bochner - Mayor Hamilton Hill
Lloyd Bochner
as Mayor Hamilton Hill
Edward Asner - Roland Daggett/Others
Edward Asner
as Roland Daggett/Others
Bob Hastings - Commissioner James Gordon/Others
Bob Hastings
as Commissioner James Gordon/Others
Joey Simmrin - Dick Grayson (Age 10)/Others
Joey Simmrin
as Dick Grayson (Age 10)/Others