American Horror Story
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American Horror Story
First Aired: February 6th, 2011
Status: Continuing
Network: FX
Summary: An anthology series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a haunted hotel, a possessed farmhouse, a cult, the apocalypse and a slasher camp.
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Leslie Grossman (Season 8) - Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt
Leslie Grossman (Season 8)
as Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt
Alison Pill - Ivy Mayfair-Richards
Alison Pill
as Ivy Mayfair-Richards
Colton Haynes - Detective Samuels
Colton Haynes
as Detective Samuels
Lily Rabe (Season 9) - Lavinia Richter / Lady in White
Lily Rabe (Season 9)
as Lavinia Richter / Lady in White
Kathy Bates (Season 6A) - The Butcher
Kathy Bates (Season 6A)
as The Butcher
Adina Porter - Lee Harris
Adina Porter
as Lee Harris
André Holland - Matt Miller
André Holland
as Matt Miller
Angela Bassett (Season 6) - Monet Tumusiime
Angela Bassett (Season 6)
as Monet Tumusiime
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Dominic Banks
Cuba Gooding Jr.
as Dominic Banks
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 7) - Dr. Rudy Vincent
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 7)
as Dr. Rudy Vincent
Billie Lourd - Winter Anderson
Billie Lourd
as Winter Anderson
Sarah Paulson (Season 7) - Ally Mayfair-Richards
Sarah Paulson (Season 7)
as Ally Mayfair-Richards
Adina Porter (Season 8) - Dinah Stevens
Adina Porter (Season 8)
as Dinah Stevens
Sarah Paulson (Season 8) - Wilhelmina Venable
Sarah Paulson (Season 8)
as Wilhelmina Venable
Billie Lourd (Season 8) - Mallory
Billie Lourd (Season 8)
as Mallory
Cody Fern - Michael Langdon
Cody Fern
as Michael Langdon
Adina Porter (Season 7) - Beverly Hope
Adina Porter (Season 7)
as Beverly Hope
Lily Rabe (Season 6) - Shelby Miller
Lily Rabe (Season 6)
as Shelby Miller
Leslie Grossman - Meadow Wilton
Leslie Grossman
as Meadow Wilton
Evan Peters (Season 7) - Kai Anderson
Evan Peters (Season 7)
as Kai Anderson
Sarah Paulson (Season 6) - Audrey Tindall
Sarah Paulson (Season 6)
as Audrey Tindall
Cheyenne Jackson - Will Drake
Cheyenne Jackson
as Will Drake
Denis O'Hare - Liz Taylor
Denis O'Hare
as Liz Taylor
Lily Rabe (Season 3) - Misty Day
Lily Rabe (Season 3)
as Misty Day
Jessica Lange (Season 4) - Elsa Mars
Jessica Lange (Season 4)
as Elsa Mars
Frances Conroy - Moira O'Hara (Older)
Frances Conroy
as Moira O'Hara (Older)
Sarah Paulson (Season 3) - Cordelia Foxx
Sarah Paulson (Season 3)
as Cordelia Foxx
Denis O'Hare (Season 3) - Spalding
Denis O'Hare (Season 3)
as Spalding
Frances Conroy (Season 3) - Myrtle Snow
Frances Conroy (Season 3)
as Myrtle Snow
Jessica Lange (Season 3) - Fiona Goode
Jessica Lange (Season 3)
as Fiona Goode
Taissa Farmiga (Season 3) - Zoe Benson
Taissa Farmiga (Season 3)
as Zoe Benson
Angela Bassett - Desiree Dupree
Angela Bassett
as Desiree Dupree
Finn Wittrock - Dandy Mott
Finn Wittrock
as Dandy Mott
Evan Peters (Season 4) - Jimmy Darling
Evan Peters (Season 4)
as Jimmy Darling
Chloë Sevigny (Season 5) - Alex Lowe
Chloë Sevigny (Season 5)
as Alex Lowe
Matt Bomer - Donovan
Matt Bomer
as Donovan
Wes Bentley - John Lowe
Wes Bentley
as John Lowe
Evan Peters (Season 5) - James March
Evan Peters (Season 5)
as James March
Sarah Paulson (Season 5) - Hypodermic Sally
Sarah Paulson (Season 5)
as Hypodermic Sally
Kathy Bates (Season 5) - Iris
Kathy Bates (Season 5)
as Iris
Lady Gaga - Elizabeth Johnson  / The Countess
Lady Gaga
as Elizabeth Johnson / The Countess
John Carroll Lynch - Twisty the Clown
John Carroll Lynch
as Twisty the Clown
Sarah Paulson (Season 4) - Bette And Dot Tattler
Sarah Paulson (Season 4)
as Bette And Dot Tattler
Kathy Bates - Marie Delphine LaLaurie
Kathy Bates
as Marie Delphine LaLaurie
Angelica Ross  - Donna Chambers
Angelica Ross
as Donna Chambers
Taissa Farmiga - Violet Harmon
Taissa Farmiga
as Violet Harmon
Angela Bassett (Season 3) - Marie Laveau
Angela Bassett (Season 3)
as Marie Laveau
Emma Roberts - Madison Montgomery
Emma Roberts
as Madison Montgomery
Cody Fern (Season 9) - Xavier Plympton
Cody Fern (Season 9)
as Xavier Plympton
Matthew Morrison - Trevor Kirchner
Matthew Morrison
as Trevor Kirchner
Jamie Brewer (Season 3) - Nan
Jamie Brewer (Season 3)
as Nan
Gabourey Sidibe - Queenie
Gabourey Sidibe
as Queenie
Connie Britton - Vivien Harmon
Connie Britton
as Vivien Harmon
Leslie Grossman (Season 9) - Margaret Booth
Leslie Grossman (Season 9)
as Margaret Booth
Billie Lourd (Season 9) - Montana Duke
Billie Lourd (Season 9)
as Montana Duke
Sarah Monger - Lana Winters
Sarah Monger
as Lana Winters
John Carroll Lynch (Season 9) - Mr. Jingles / Benjamin Richter
John Carroll Lynch (Season 9)
as Mr. Jingles / Benjamin Richter
Lily Rabe - Mary Eunice McKee
Lily Rabe
as Mary Eunice McKee
Evan Peters (Season 2) - Kit Walker
Evan Peters (Season 2)
as Kit Walker
Emma Roberts (Season 9) - Brooke Thompson
Emma Roberts (Season 9)
as Brooke Thompson
Deron Horton - Ray Powell
Deron Horton
as Ray Powell
Zach Villa - Richard Ramirez
Zach Villa
as Richard Ramirez
Gus Kenworthy - Chet Clancy
Gus Kenworthy
as Chet Clancy
Evan Peters - Tate Langdon
Evan Peters
as Tate Langdon
Billy Eichner - Harrison Wilton
Billy Eichner
as Harrison Wilton
Jessica Lange - Constance Langdon
Jessica Lange
as Constance Langdon
Jessica Lange (Season 2) - Jude Martin
Jessica Lange (Season 2)
as Jude Martin
Chloë Sevigny - Shelley
Chloë Sevigny
as Shelley
Bodhi Schulz - Troy
Bodhi Schulz
as Troy
Christine Estabrook - Marcy
Christine Estabrook
as Marcy
Fredric Lehne - Frank McCann
Fredric Lehne
as Frank McCann
Teddy Sears - Patrick
Teddy Sears
as Patrick
Kai Schulz - Bryan
Kai Schulz
as Bryan
Patti LaBelle - Dora Brown
Patti LaBelle
as Dora Brown
Jon Jon Briones - Ariel Augustus
Jon Jon Briones
as Ariel Augustus
BD Wong - Baldwin Pennypacker
BD Wong
as Baldwin Pennypacker
Chad James Buchanan - Stu
Chad James Buchanan
as Stu
Michael Chiklis - Dell Toledo
Michael Chiklis
as Dell Toledo
Danny Huston - Axeman
Danny Huston
as Axeman
Wes Bentley (Season 4) - Edward Mordrake
Wes Bentley (Season 4)
as Edward Mordrake
Skyler Samuels - Bonnie Lipton
Skyler Samuels
as Bonnie Lipton
Neil Patrick Harris - Chester Creb
Neil Patrick Harris
as Chester Creb
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 6) - Sidney
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 6)
as Sidney
Rose Siggins - Legless Suzi
Rose Siggins
as Legless Suzi
Gabourey Sidibe (Season 4) - Regina Ross
Gabourey Sidibe (Season 4)
as Regina Ross
Frances Conroy (Season 6) - Mama Polk
Frances Conroy (Season 6)
as Mama Polk
Wes Bentley (Season 6) - Ambrose White
Wes Bentley (Season 6)
as Ambrose White
Leslie Jordan - Cricket Marlow
Leslie Jordan
as Cricket Marlow
Emma Roberts (Season 7)  - Serina Belinda
Emma Roberts (Season 7)
as Serina Belinda
Mena Suvari - Elizabeth Short
Mena Suvari
as Elizabeth Short
Erika Ervin (Season 8) - First
Erika Ervin (Season 8)
as First
Frances Conroy (Season 2) - Shachath
Frances Conroy (Season 2)
as Shachath
Dylan McDermott (Season 2) - Johnny Morgan
Dylan McDermott (Season 2)
as Johnny Morgan
Mat Fraser - Paul the Illustrated Seal
Mat Fraser
as Paul the Illustrated Seal
Billy Eichner (Season 8) - Brock
Billy Eichner (Season 8)
as Brock
Erika Ervin - Amazon Eve
Erika Ervin
as Amazon Eve
Jyoti Amge - Ma Petite
Jyoti Amge
as Ma Petite
Frances Conroy (Season 7) - Bebe Babbitt
Frances Conroy (Season 7)
as Bebe Babbitt
Mare Winningham - Sally Keffler
Mare Winningham
as Sally Keffler
Jamie Brewer (Season 4) - Marjorie
Jamie Brewer (Season 4)
as Marjorie
Riley Schmidt - Rubber Man (Season 1)
Riley Schmidt
as Rubber Man (Season 1)
Naomi Grossman - Pepper
Naomi Grossman
as Pepper
James Cromwell - Arthur Arden
James Cromwell
as Arthur Arden
Frances Conroy (Season 4) - Gloria Mott
Frances Conroy (Season 4)
as Gloria Mott
Zachary Quinto (Season 2) - Oliver Thredson
Zachary Quinto (Season 2)
as Oliver Thredson
Lizzie Brocheré - Grace Bertrand
Lizzie Brocheré
as Grace Bertrand
Joseph Fiennes - Timothy Howard
Joseph Fiennes
as Timothy Howard
Adam Levine - Leo Morrison
Adam Levine
as Leo Morrison
Clea Duvall - Wendy Peyser
Clea Duvall
as Wendy Peyser
Alexandra Breckenridge - Moira O'Hara (Young)
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Moira O'Hara (Young)
Alexander Dreymon - Luke Ramsey
Alexander Dreymon
as Luke Ramsey
Britne Oldford - Alma Walker
Britne Oldford
as Alma Walker
Patti LuPone - Joan Ramsey
Patti LuPone
as Joan Ramsey
Morris Chestnut - Luke
Morris Chestnut
as Luke
Matt Ross - Charles Montgomery
Matt Ross
as Charles Montgomery
Kate Mara - Hayden McClaine
Kate Mara
as Hayden McClaine
Josh Hamilton - Hank Foxx
Josh Hamilton
as Hank Foxx
Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Teresa Morrison
Jenna Dewan-Tatum
as Teresa Morrison
Dylan McDermott - Ben Harmon
Dylan McDermott
as Ben Harmon
Denis O'Hare (Season 4) - Stanley
Denis O'Hare (Season 4)
as Stanley
Zachary Quinto - Chad Warwick
Zachary Quinto
as Chad Warwick
Billy Porter - Behold Chablis
Billy Porter
as Behold Chablis
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman - Andre Stevens
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
as Andre Stevens
Evan Peters (Season 6A) - Edward Philippe Mott
Evan Peters (Season 6A)
as Edward Philippe Mott
Chaz Bono - Gary
Chaz Bono
as Gary
Finn Wittrock (Season 5B) - Valentino
Finn Wittrock (Season 5B)
as Valentino
Sarah Paulson (Season 1) - Billie Dean Howard
Sarah Paulson (Season 1)
as Billie Dean Howard
Jamie Brewer - Adelaide Langdon
Jamie Brewer
as Adelaide Langdon
Denis O'Hare (Season 1) - Larry Harvey
Denis O'Hare (Season 1)
as Larry Harvey
Lily Rabe (Season 1) - Nora Montgomery
Lily Rabe (Season 1)
as Nora Montgomery
Kathy Bates (Season 4) - Ethel Darling
Kathy Bates (Season 4)
as Ethel Darling
Finn Wittrock (Season 5A) - Tristan Duffy
Finn Wittrock (Season 5A)
as Tristan Duffy
Lady Gaga (Season 6) - Scathach
Lady Gaga (Season 6)
as Scathach
Kathy Bates (Season 6B) - Agnes Mary Winstead
Kathy Bates (Season 6B)
as Agnes Mary Winstead
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 8) - John Henry Moore
Cheyenne Jackson (Season 8)
as John Henry Moore
Joan Collins - Evie Gallant
Joan Collins
as Evie Gallant
Ashley Santos - Emily Campbell
Ashley Santos
as Emily Campbell
Kyle Allen - Timothy Campbell
Kyle Allen
as Timothy Campbell
Evan Peters (Season 8) - Gallant
Evan Peters (Season 8)
as Gallant
Kathy Bates (Season 8) - Miriam Meade
Kathy Bates (Season 8)
as Miriam Meade
James Morosini - R.J.
James Morosini
as R.J.
Angela Bassett (Season 5) - Ramona Royale
Angela Bassett (Season 5)
as Ramona Royale
Emma Roberts (Season 4) - Maggie Esmerelda
Emma Roberts (Season 4)
as Maggie Esmerelda